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Here I am going to post about my baking journey and how it affected my life obviously in a positive manner with some of my favorite recipes and some tips and tricks.

Hope you all have a good time reading my blog.

Baked Stories


Hello Everyone! I am Priyanka, a home baker with a dream of owning a cafe one day. I have always loved cooking since I was a li’l girl and Baking became my passion growing up . I quickly became obsessed with cookies and after a while, I realized that I loved making cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon buns as well. Yeah, I think you got the idea.

I’m just a girl trying out recipes in my kitchen, I don’t have a team of recipe testers to check every recipe, not every recipe I post is foolproof, so please feel free to email me or join the comment section If you believe a recipe has a typo or you have any improvements to suggest. This is a blog about my baking experiences, simple quick recipes, my baking influences and discoveries.

Baking has always been a therapy for me. I bake when I am happy, sad, tired or angry. If you are just like me and baking soothes your soul too, then you will surely enjoy reading my blogs.

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